The Highs & Lows Volume II
The video is a visceral display of the streets once filled with the presence of Jelly Roll Morton, the place that once was the Cadillac Cafe, and stop-motion animation of an imagined sense of the music venue. Valleys & Empires wove layers of ethereal electronic melodies with a diddy by Jelly Roll and the natural sounds captured onsite. 
The video interlaces an excerpt from a 1965 Coltrane interview: "I'm trying so many things at one time, you see, I haven't sorted them out.  I have a whole bag of them I'm trying to work through and set to one essential, you know". Coltrane's influential methodology is the one line that we follow video word and documentation. 

The Highs & Lows Volume I
Non informational Prezi
It all came together as they went on thinking in the darkness
Access lullaby
The presentation format runs on a 2 minute loop and uses a powerpoint like style to navigate through our behaviors, emotions and desires. The text and background rest on each other in a black and white format and prepare the viewer for the second 2-channel video titled, It all came together as they went on thinking in the darkness. 
Clara Rockmore's theremin rendition of Tchaikovsky's Valse Sentimentale sets the tone for this experiment with power. One hand seeks to gain access while another hand toys with the interior lock, rhythmically locking and unlocking the door. A key maker grinds to a key which may or may not have been used in the video. 
This two-channel video introduces the viewer to personal inquiries of negotiation. Each participant underwent a series of self-reflection questions and in playback, their quiet self rests and listens to their process. When the viewer walks into the room, they stand in-between the two-channel video experience.